An innovative website solution
designed to save GP practices
time, effort and expense.

About GP Fusion

The solution provides unparalleled interactive features and an intuitive content management system, enabling GP practices to easily launch and maintain high quality, individual and easy-to-use websites.

GP Fusion is provided and supported by selected organisations with an in-depth understanding of the requirements of GP practices.


The key features of GP Fusion Web are as follows:

User Experience

  • Very high-quality websites with visually appealing and accessible designs.
  • Easy to navigate, using site navigation, site-map or search.
  • Fast website performance, with minimal load time for each page.
  • Sophisticated search functionality with predictive text permeates all areas of the website and provides links to search external websites with relevant content.

Content Management

  • Quick and easy editing of all website content, including menus, pages, text, images and forms.
  • Pages can be created, removed, re-ordered and renamed in a matter of seconds.
  • All pages have full revision history, with the ability to easily roll back to a particular version.
  • Wide range of customisable stock content articles provided.
  • 'Widgets' feature facilitates creation and automatic layout of pages with large amounts of repeating content, such as staff lists, opening hours, facilities and clinics.
  • Images, files and videos can be easily uploaded/embedded within pages.

Templates, Themes &
Front Page Layout

  • Website appearance can be updated in seconds by selecting from a wide range of design themes, each of which has several colour variations available.
  • Custom designs can be easily accommodated if required.
  • Several new themes, including different navigation menu layouts (vertical instead of horizontal) are due for release soon.
  • Custom logos can be easily uploaded.
  • Alternative front page layouts can be applied within a few clicks.
  • Home pages can be customised by selecting from a variety of components, including image slide-shows, RSS Feeds, News Tickers and Quick Link buttons.

Forms and Surveys

  • Wide variety of standard online forms provided, including registration, appointment booking, repeat prescription ordering and much more.
  • Repeat prescription form provides auto-complete for all medication names.
  • Custom form builder tool, including any number of sections and fields.
  • Online form submissions can be securely viewed, filtered, processed and printed in bulk.
  • Patient survey tool facilitates the creation, publishing and response analysis of custom patient surveys.
  • Facility to publish downloadable surveys or embed links to surveys created using LimeSurvey or SurveyMonkey.

Patient Login Facility

  • Optional facility for practices to issue patients with login details to access a personalised experience of the website.
  • Online form availability can be restricted to Patient Login users only.
  • Personal profile information and details of frequently-used medications can be captured by patients to pre-populate online forms.
  • Patients can set repeat prescription reminders for specific dates.
  • 'Patient Groups' feature enables practices to restrict website content to members of specific groups such as the PRG.

Medical News & Information

  • Integration with NHS Choices pulls the latest, automatically-updated health information directly into the website's Library area.
  • Library area includes a Services and Organisations search, allowing patients to find a variety of local health-related services (e.g. dentists).
  • Practice news articles can be easily captured and prominently highlighted on the website home page.
  • Optional, customisable 'Jargon Buster' feature provides keyword highlighting and explanations of approximately 500 key medical/NHS terms.
  • CQC Widget provides summary of latest checks carried out by the Care Quality Commission.

Advanced Features

A variety of advanced features can be enabled on request, including:

  • Advanced Document Library, which can be used to manage large collections of files and embed files within web pages.
  • Facility to create Map Clusters containing a number of map cluster items, which can be given names, locations and contact details.
  • Discussion Forums can be defined, administered and embedded throughout the site.
  • Facility to create searchable contact directories and embed them throughout the site.
  • User self-management facilities, including the ability to create additional users.
  • Additional layers of website navigation.

Data Security

  • Secure form storage, protected with Public / Private-key cryptography, which offers best practice in terms of information governance / protection.
  • All sensitive information is transferred via HTTPS.
  • The private key is stored encrypted on the server using a Pass Phrase known only to the practice.
  • No patient identifiable data is stored on the server.
  • A number of additional measures are in place to protect the Pass Phrase mechanism, including IP Restriction, Account lock-out and time restriction (can only be changed during business hours).
  • All raw data held on the server can be viewed by the practice, offering assurances that no sensitive patient data is stored.
  • Dual-key authentication - both the Administrator credentials *and* pass-phrase are required to view Form Submissions.
  • Patient Login PINs are not personally identifiable.

Contact & Mapping Information

  • Multiple sets of contact details and address information can be easily captured and displayed.
  • Contact details are featured on the Front Page, the footer of each page, and the 'Contact Us' page.
  • Interactive map shows the location of the Practice (and any additional locations, e.g. Partner Practices, etc.)
  • Patients can easily get directions to the Practice.


  • Full compliance with prevalent online accessibility standards.
  • Compatibility with screen readers (e.g. JAWS).
  • Speech support automatically converts all website articles into spoken word.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to facilitate navigation around the site.
  • Easy-to-remember URLs, among other techniques, improve search engine ranking.
  • Content language can be set and changed using Google Translate.


A number of simple yet powerful reports are provided as standard, including, but not limited to:

  • Popular Pages.
  • How visitors are finding the website.
  • Popular Search Terms.
  • Website Traffic.

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